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Collaborations & Stockists

Thrown Contemporary - A D A P T  Exhibition


The theme of adaption is a natural fit for ceramics - a malleable ball of clay transformed by hand and fire to its final static form. The artists within this exhibition take clays inherent form-building abilities and use this as just the starting point to re-invent. The six featured collections, in their distinctively individual ways, each demonstrate a way of looking which appears to evolve with every piece.

"At the very core of my practice is a mastery of material. For the past year I have been working in porcelain and I have lead myself down the path of mastering the techniques and processes that reflect what I see when I think of porcelain. I think of a showcase in refinement, delicacy, translucency, texture and decadence. Each piece perfectly paired back, no distractions from the material itself: the only allowable expressions are ones that enhance what I imagine porcelain should be."

It's Alive


It’s Alive is a curated, one-stop-shop for a range of natural and low intervention wines, craft beers and ferments that have one thing in common: THEY’RE ALIVE!

I recently worked with IT'S ALIVE,  who are based in Manchester, on a small run of collaborative cups and I am currently working on a small collection of carafes to accompany their carefully curated wine selection. Handmade from porcelain, each piece is entirely unique modern take on fine ceramics. 

Cloudwater Tap


7-8, Piccadilly Trading Estate, Manchester M1 2NP

Just at the edge of central manchester, the Cloudwater tap room serves craft beer brewed on site, amidst a plethora of fixtures and fitting from local artists and makers.     

My part of this exciting project was creating over 30 unique lampshades reflecting the vast number of unique beers brewed by Cloudwater , also helping to highlight different sections of Unit 9.

Trove Foods​  


5 Murray St, Manchester M4 6HS

With two locations in Manchester, Trove is known for the attention to detail in everything food. Sourcing local produce for their menu, they reflect this idea in the products used to serve the menu.

At Trove, you will find an array of my bespoke contemporary products, including plates, travel cups and cortado cups. 

Moss Studio & Store


 13 Moss Lane, Altrincham, WA14 1BA

Situated at the heart of Altrincham, Moss Studio is owned and ran by fellow ceramic artist Ollie Stanion. The studio not only displays work from the best local makers and artists but provides opportunity to learn and experience the ceramic process, no matter your skill level.  

This store is my flagship location, with the widest selection of products. Currently you will find my collection of red clay vases and travel cups as well as some limited edition collaboration pieces done with Sarah Crosby.