Ceramics By Matt Cronshaw


I spent my twenties travelling around the World as a professional cyclist. Dedicating my life to cycling, I scrutinised every detail of my performance in the pursuit of being the best cyclist I could be.


Towards the end of my career I started making ceramics in my spare time. I found the peaceful nature of throwing pots at the wheel a great contrast and balance to my outgoing and busy lifestyle cycling. I quickly found an intense pleasure in throwing and started to apply the same mentality I had for sport and competition to the pots I was making. 

My competitiveness had me trying to perfect each stage of the throwing process, being highly critical of each stage and each individual hand movement. 


I believe that there is no limit to a skill and I will always be working on the techniques and processes to throwing ceramics and it is this that informs my work. 


The story of my work is that of a perfect path into existence; the material knowledge, accurate hand movements and the understanding of physics at the wheel, controlling a spinning lump of clay.


With perfecting the process as my main pursuit, it allows me to change the forms and visual aspects of my work as I expand my skill set.