Made to stand up to the tough life of a coffee cup in a cafe, these cups are replicas of those used in the new and extremely popular Stretford Foodhall. They are durable and stack neatly, with a shape designed for a perfect pour and comfortable to hold.


I aim to make my products as personal as possible, so each cup is made individually by hand at every stage, there are no molds, no machine processes and for Manchester residents, they are delivered by me, on my bicycle, if the weather is nice.


This product page is for pre-orders, there are currently no cups in stock. This page will remain open until Friday 19th February at which point production will start. You can expect to recieve your orders between 15-20th of March.

SFH cups

  • Little Torch is a one man operation.

    I am trying to make beautiful products for a price that is affordable but also justifys the attention that goes into each piece. Because of this, I can only accept returns on products broken in transit, thank you for your understanding.

    (if your package arrives and is visably damaged before opening, please take photos to help with my postal service claim)