Dog Bowl pre-order - This product page is for the pre-order of facetted/marbelled dog bowls. due to the popularity of my previous shop opening of these items, I want to give those who missed out the opportunity to purchase them.


The nature of how the patterning of these bowls is made means that I cannot perfectly control the final pattern and cannot garuntee a certain look. However, the items pictured here give a good indication to the final product. - I will make a number of extras during this pre-order and give each customer a selection to choose from, based on a first come, first serve basis - (first to order gets first pick and so on)


Pre-orders will close on the 14th of august and I expect to have products ready for delivery by 14th september.




Fancy bowls for your dog.


Made from white and black porcelain with in a Icosagon shaped exterior. 


Hand thrown on the wheel before being measured, facetted and polished. Throwing with a mixture of coloured clays, normally results in a spiralled effect on the exterior surface, however within the wall are many layers of these colours (in this case black and white). The added step of facetting the sides into a 20 sided shape, reveals these layers at different points on the surface, creating an extraordinary effect - sometimes flowing, others geometric and many psychedelic in appearance. the random nature of the strata formation, means although easily distinguishable as a set, each is entirely unique with its own expression.


Dimensions    H-8cm   W-22cm



Microwave/dishwasher safe

Made from porcelain for durability


These smaller items, are purposefully made to be more affordable than my larger pieces, taking the core design elements from my artistic practice and distilling them into an everyday piece of homeware ceramic. Each piece is still crafted by hand at every stage, meaning every piece, although made to be as close to the one before, is entirely unique. 

Dog Bowl Pre-Order - Closes 15th August