Available to all abilities, whether you are a complete beginner, or a seasoned potter looking to hone your skills.


I want to offer a throwing experience that is as close to my own work as possible, so the clay that we will be using is porcelain. Porcelain offers slightly more of a challenge, but  gives a high end finish akin to bone china. It is rare to find classes that use porcelain, especially for beginners so it is my hope that by offering this, I can help all of my students create beautiful, unique and sentimental pieces.


if you would just like a taster in throwing, 1 lesson will be enough, but if you are interested in starting up pottery as a hobby or just learning more about the process, 2-3 lessons (one week between each) is reccomended.(If you wish to book three lessons, please email me before booking and I will create a discount code for you.)


If you are purcasing a lesson as a gift and do not know available dates, please select "no date" from the options and we can arrange specifcs at a later date.


For Beginners -

Lesson 1


- A brief introduction to the importance of clay preparation

- 10-15 minute demonstration of the throwing process

- 70-90 minutes of tutored throwing (you will likely make 2-3 pieces)

- An explanation of the remaining porcesses which can only be completed at a later date, including trimming, firing and glazing


Lesson 2


- 10-15 minute demonstration of the trimming process

- 45-60 minutes trimming your pieces from the previous lesson

- 15-25 minutes throwing practice


Lesson 3


- 10 - 15 minute demonstration of glazing

- 20-30 minutes glazing 

- 20- 30 minutes trimming pots from previous lesson

- time for questions, tutored throwing or free practice.


For the single lesson, you will only have time to throw 2-3 pieces, which will be trimmed  and glazed by me before they can be collected or posted onwards for you to keep. if you wish to cover more than the basics of throwing, you can do so in your second and third lessons.


Advanced Lessons -


These lessons can be as free form or as structured as you wish. I want these lessons to be all about you taking home what throwing skills you need for your own practice to improve. I will reach out via email before your lesson for some background and come up with a lesson plan to suit. 


As lessons are a very personal experience, I understand that especicially during this time, you may have extra questions about these lessons, please do not hesitate to email me if you have any. 


Please indicate in the custom text field, what your experience throwing is -  beginner, novice, advanced etc as well as any other information you may feel will be useful, so that I can tailor the best lesson plan for you.



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