Individually thrown Porcelain baubles finished with a chattered surface and hand wound black leather chord.


Each bauble is unique, with an entirely differnt shape and texture, at home as an ornament on a side board or hung centre stage on the tree.



longest bauble approx length - 12cm


Chattering  -


Chattering is a technique used whilst ‘trimming’ or ‘turning’ a piece where the rotation of the piece on the wheel applies a force on the timing tool, pushing it away from the surface. applying just the right amount of pressure back onto the pice causes this to repeat and vibrate on the porcelain surface.


Manoeuvred correctly and the patterning can be controlled accurately and changed to give a consistent regular pattern or something more erratic. 


To me, each piece calls for a different application of the chattering. I try to be attentive to each surface and form to apply a style of chattering that fits and enhances each bauble.  


I then create a contrast to then chattering with the addition of finely polished surfaces, which I hope highlights the beauty on both surface styles tin a harmonious way

Porcelain Bauble set - 4