Each of these pieces is individually thrown, then facetted by hand, followed by sanding and polishing to give a high sheen to the raw porcelain surface.


Made to my own recipe, the glaze is then applied in a thick layer to contrast the thin, transluscent walls of the facets forming a drip and bead of glaze that has a stylized quality, almost cartoon like. The contrast between thick and thin is very satisfying to me but also the cartoon like quality to the glaze contrasts with the precise, engineered quality in the ceramic body itself.


The thick glaze layer adds substantial weight to each cup, giving a quality feel, which would otherwise be lost if unglazed which also offers a subtle tactile quality as the cup rests in your hand, feeling the transition between thick, thin, satin and shiny finish.


The heavy shoulder on the carafe allows for a precise pour.


Care - 


These pieces are high fired porcelain so are incredibly tough and have good impact strength, however, like glassware, they do not like thermal shock. Please treat them with the same care that you would a wine glass or similar, by hand washing them and avoiding drastic, rapid temperature changes (i.e. pouring boiling water when cold.)


Porcelain Carafe and Cups in Celadon Glaze